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Type Damage
Armor Leather
Weapon Revolver
Equipment none

The Scoundrel is a damage class in OrbusVR that is themed around gambling and uses their high critical strike chance to hit high damage spikes. Their deck of magical cards lets them add additional effects to their bullets.

Weapon Interface


Normal Shots

By pressing the trigger button, a Scoundrel can shoot a bullet from their gun. This will empty the magazine (blue ability bar) a bit. If the magazine is empty, no bullets will be fired.

  • Never have the magazine completely full while in a fight (this wastes potential bullets), but also never have it completely empty.

Charged Shots

By pressing and holding down the trigger, you can charge your gun with three bullets (or four, with the Full Basket talent), dealing three times the damage of a normal bullet. This ability stuns the enemy for a very short period of time and interrupts some of their abilities.

  • While charging, bullets will recharge faster than they are consumed. Use this to balance your magazine so you always have the blue ability bar at about half.
    • If using 3-bullet charged shots, using a charged shot and then shooting two normal bullets will consume about as many bullets as are generated.
    • For 4-bullet charged shots with the Full Basket talent, use a charged shot and then shoot two or three bullets.
  • Use your cards on charged shots if possible, as most of the card effects are tied to the damage you do with that shot.
  • The gun will start glowing purple once the shot is fully charged. If you get the timing right, you can fire the fully-charged shot before the gun glows purple.
    For 3-bullet charged shots, two different delay tiles can be triggered by either shooting as soon as the gun is fully charged (1-2 seconds delay) or waiting a split-second before firing (2-3 seconds delay).


Moving the gun while shooting results in a curved bullet trajectory.

Moving the gun in a straight line while shooting will make the bullet follow a curved trajectory. Hitting an enemy with a curveshot will give you a rating on the distance and curve of that shot (Rank 1 to 5) and place a debuff on the target that increases the damage you deal to it. The strength of this effect can be increased for high-rank curveshots with the talent On the Line.

Rank Damage increase With On the Line
I 9.6 - 19.2% 7.2 - 14.4%
II 19.2 - 28.8% 14.4 - 21.6%
III 28.8 - 38.3% 36 - 48.5%
IV 38.3 - 47.9% 48.5 - 59.9%
V 47.9 - 57.5% 59.9 - 71.9%
  • Curveshots do not benefit the shot that applies them.
  • The damage-increasing debuff does not stack on the enemy, newer curvshots will override the older debuff, even if the rank is weaker.
  • Twisting the gun around one of its axis will not curve the bullets - the curve comes from moving it in a straight line in the direction you want the bullet to curve in.

Super Ability

The Scoundrel's Super ability will increase the damage of the next 6 bullets and automatically apply a Rank 5 Curveshot with each of them.

The Super can be activated by pressing both triggers at the same time while the yellow Super bar is full. Super energy is generated by shooting enemies.


The Scoundrel cards are used to add effects to their bullets. The deck contains one card of each type, and refreshes once you run out of cards.

  • Throwing a card up in the air will make it float below your XP bar, and its effect will be applied to the next bullet that hits an enemy.
  • Cards can be burned by holding them and pressing trigger. This will make a glow appear in the air, giving one of three buffs to the next card used depending on which card was burned.
  • A card can be stored in your pocket for later use.
Icon Card Effect Burn
Card of Vines Applies a poison debuff that will inflict damage over time. Purple: Spreads debuffs to nearby enemies. ("Spread")
Card of Flame Deals greatly increased damage Purple: Spreads debuffs to nearby enemies.
Card of Ice Slows the target. Blue: Increased potency of damage card. ("Empower")
Card of Light Heals the Scoundrel for the damage done to the target. Blue: Increased potency of damage card.
Card of Flint Applies a Weakness debuff.
Stacks up to twice, shared with Mage Affliction.
Red: Places copy of the card in the deck. ("Stack")
Card of Ash Increased chance to critically strike. Red: Places copy of the card in the deck.
  • Stacking the deck: The red glow will place a copy of the card used with it in the next deck (and only the next deck). For example, if you use Vines with red, after you run out of cards the next deck will have 7 cards, two of which are Vines.
  • Your deck refreshes when you run out of cards, change zones (including entering a raid/dungeon/battleground), switch classes, resurrect, or relog.
  • If you have Bleed as a weapon affix and shoot a Card of Light, there is a chance that it places a negative (=healing) Bleed on yourself.


Glass Cannon Safety First
Full Chamber: When firing a bullet from a fully-loaded gun (full blue ability bar), your shot has a 10% additional chance to critically strike. Slow Burn: Your card buffs last for an additional 2 seconds (Vine, Ice, Flint).
Stack The Deck: Your card deck now contains 7 cards, two of which are the Card of Flames. Quick Draw: Your card deck regenerates 10% more quickly.
On The Line: Your damage buff from level 3 and higher ranks of curveshots is increased by 25%, while your damage from ranks 2 and lower is decreased by 25%. Easy Mode: All rank 1 curveshots are upgraded to rank 2 regardless of distance or curve.
One Basket: Your gun can now charge up to 4 bullets at a time. Break Shot: Shooting a 3-bullet charged shot now applies the Break Armor debuff to the target, increasing incoming damage from all sources by 8%.
True Gambler: Your critical hits add a buff to yourself which increases your critical strike chance by 10%, but increases incoming damage to you by 10% as well. Can stack up to 5 times. Guaranteed Win: Every 6th shot is a guaranteed critical strike.
  • When using Stack the Deck, the first card on the deck is always the extra Card of Flames.
  • A scoundrel with five True Gambler stacks is the most fragile class in the game, even more so than cloth classes. We highly recommend you avoid getting hit by anything.

End-Game Builds

→ Main Page: Scoundrel/Tilesets

Which build you choose depends on how much attention you want to give to your card rotation.

All Scoundrel builds use the True Gambler talent, which increases damage significantly over Guaranteed Win, but a Scoundrel with all five True Gambler stacks is even more fragile than Cloth classes.

Poison Ash Scoundrel

→ Main Page: Scoundrel/Tilesets#Poison Ash

Scott's scoundrel build is min-maxed for maximum damage by stacking Vine cards to apply as many poison DoTs as possible, but has a more complicated card rotation than Lavawhale's competing Burn build.

For an in-depth video guide for this build, see Scott's video for Poison Scoundrel.

Burn Scoundrel

→ Main Page: Scoundrel/Tilesets#Burn

Lavawhale's build burns cards to activate tilesets. It doesn't reach the damage potential of the Poison build, but is easier to play.

Because it excels in spike damage, it and its variations are very popular as a PvP build.

For an in-depth video guide for this build, seeLavawhale's video for Burn Scoundrel.

Gear Enhancements


  • Crit Damage
  • Projectile Damage

Ring Affixes

  • Empowered
  • Elite Hunter

Weapon Affixes

  • Bleed is the preferred damage affix for PvE.
  • Iceheart (+5%) as a second affix if playing with Runemages that use Frostbolt, or if you use Ice cards yourself.
  • Giantkiller (+3%) works too instead of Iceheart.
  • First Strike is the best affix for PvP.

Tipps and Tricks

  • A Scoundrel can hit DoTs that tick for very high amounts of damage. If you happen to pull aggro from the tank with this, they might not be able to get the boss back.
  • For boss fights that require you to take damage because of mechanics, like Geruvi of Citadel Hard Mode, it can be helpful to switch from True Gambler to Guaranteed Win (or leave that talent unchecked).
  • You can use the pocket of other Scoundrels to store your cards too, but this is more of a fun fact and doesn't really have any uses.


Further Resources

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