Secrets of Mugwood

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Secrets Of Mugwood is the first DLC of OrbusVR, and features a four new zones, new cosmetics, mounts and pets, and a new main questline and a few side quests

It can be bought from the in-game shop for 9.99$. Like all purchases, the DLC will be unlocked for all characters tied to that OrbusVR account (as well as newly created ones).

Story[edit | hide | hide all]

Zones[edit | hide]

The DLC unlocks four new zones that can be accessed by using the Micronizer in certain spots in Highsteppe.

Cosmetics[edit | hide]

Armor Sets[edit | hide]

Icons Name Location
DLC-Mini-Hat.png DLC-Mini-Chest.png
DLC-Mini-Shoulders.png DLC-Mini-Gloves.png
Mini Main Story
Micro-Cloth-Hat.png Micro-Cloth-Chest.png
Micro-Cloth-Shoulders.png Micro-Cloth-Gloves.png
Micro (Cloth) Kill enemies in Mugwood
Micro-Leather-Hat.png Micro-Leather-Chest.png
Micro-Leather-Shoulders.png Micro-Leather-Gloves.png
Micro (Leather) Kill enemies in Mugwood
Micro-Plate-Hat.png Micro-Plate-Chest.png
Micro-Plate-Shoulders.png Micro-Plate-Gloves.png
Micro (Plate) Kill enemies in Mugwood
Teensy-Cloth-Hat.png Teensy-Cloth-Chest.png
Teensy-Cloth-Shoulders.png Teensy-Cloth-Gloves.png
Teensy (Cloth) Kill enemies in Thorndell Meadow
Teensy-Leather-Hat.png Teensy-Leather-Chest.png
Teensy-Leather-Shoulders.png Teensy-Leather-Gloves.png
Teensy (Leather) Kill enemies in Thorndell Meadow
Teensy-Plate-Hat.png Teensy-Plate-Chest.png
Teensy-Plate-Shoulders.png Teensy-Plate-Gloves.png
Teensy (Plate) Kill enemies in Thorndell Meadow
Bantam-Cloth-Hat.png Bantam-Cloth-Chest.png
Bantam-Cloth-Shoulders.png Bantam-Cloth-Gloves.png
Bantam (Cloth) Kill spiders
Bantam-Leather-Hat.png Bantam-Leather-Chest.png
Bantam-Leather-Shoulders.png Bantam-Leather-Gloves.png
Bantam (Leather) Kill spiders
Bantam-Plate-Hat.png Bantam-Plate-Chest.png
Bantam-Plate-Shoulders.png Bantam-Plate-Gloves.png
Bantam (Plate) Kill spiders

Weapons[edit | hide]

These weapons can be obtained by defeating monsters inside the zones of the Secrets of Mugwood DLC. The spider weapons drop from most spider enemies, while the other type drops from non-spider monsters.

Class Item
Ranger Bow-LithePasture.png
Lithe Pasture
Hasty Vex
Scoundrel Revolver-RabbitHunt.png
Rabbit Hunt
The Bug
Runemage Wand-SecretTendril.png
Secret Tendril
Shadow Bite
Shaman Mask-FolioleMaskOfNature.png
Foliole, Mask of Nature
Crawler, Mask of Fears
Musketeer Musket-A52GrassWidow.png
A-52 'Grass Widow'
S-08 'Up the Spout'
Bard Mallets-MelodicSplinters.png
Melodic Splinters
Midnight Silk Sticks
Warrior Sword-RigidFrond.png
Rigid Frond
Paladin Hammer-Thorn.png
Toxic Rumbling

Pets[edit | hide]

Mounts[edit | hide]

Capes[edit | hide]

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