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Type Magic
Armor Cloth
Weapon Mask
Equipment Totems

The Shaman is an offensive class with the ability to affect the entire battlefield. Throwing down totems, the Shaman can spread effects to slow down enemies, or throw down a spell-slinging totem and grab some arcane energy to hurl for massive damage.

Weapon Interface



The Shaman has access to six different totems, and can equip four of them at once.

  • Totems can be spawned by grabbing them and throwing them to the floor.
  • A totem despawns after a set amount of time, or when a new one of the same type is spawned again by the player.
  • If an orb is still in the air when its totem disappears or is refreshed, it will disappear too without doing any damage.
Icon Name Effect
Fire Totem Creates an orb that deals high damage to a single target.
Lightning Totem Creates an orb that deals damage and arcs lightning to nearby enemies, dealing damage to all of them.
Stun Totem A totem which generates an orb of energy that can be thrown at enemies to briefly stun them, interrupting some of their abilities.
Lava Totem This totem's damaging waves also cause enemies near it to take increased damage from your Fire and Lightning orbs.
Frost Totem This totem's weak damaging waves also slow enemies and causes them to take increased damage from your Fire and Lightning orbs.
Shield Totem This totem's waves give a shield buff to allies that absorbs damage.
Hex Totem Transforms non-elite enemies near it into harmless frogs, and gives a weak shield buff to allies in range.
  • The Shield and Hex Totem's shield buff overwrite each other.

Throwing Orbs

The orbs from your Fire, Stun and Lightning Totem can be thrown at enemies in two different ways:

  • Grabbing the orb and throwing it at the enemy
  • Holding your hand still and releasing the grip button will make the orb fly away in the direction your palm is pointing in

Super Ability

The spectral wolf summoned by a Shaman's super ability.

The Shaman super summons a black-and-red wolf (named "Rupert") that fights alongside the player for a while.

  • Rupert can take damage from attacks, and can die, but will resurrect immediately.
  • Rupert counts as an entity, and, because of that, can interfere with boss mechanics (for example, circles can spawn on him during the Napur and Sephotep bossfights in the Citadel Raid).


Level Damage Mobility
5 Stunning: Your stun lasts less time, but does increased damage. Stay Put: Double the duration of your stun.
10 Fire Consumes: The orb from your Fire Totem will apply a DoT to weakened enemies. Blazing Speed: The shaman's base speed is increased at all times.
15 Reach: You can interact with totem orbs from greater distances. Longevity: Totems last longer before despawning.
20 Strikes Twice: When your lightning orb is thrown, there is a chance for a new lightning orb to respawn instantly. Totemic Call: Once every 10 seconds you can point to a placed totem and teleport to it. If you teleport at least 4 meters, for a short period after teleporting all your damage is increased.
30 All In: The first orb generated by a totem is guaranteed to crit. Summon Orb: Summon an orb to your hand by making a fist. 20 unit distance limit (30 with Reach).
  • Strikes Twice: The chance of the orb respawning depends on your crit chance - the game does an extra critical hit calculation to determine if it respawns or not.
  • All In: Until the first orb from a totem hits or expires, every orb will count as a "first hit" and will be guaranteed to crit once it hits an enemy. If Strikes Twice is also selected, the Lightning Totem orbs will immediately respawn until the first lightning orb hits an enemy or expires.

End-Game Builds

→ Main Page: Shaman/Tilesets

End-game shaman builds try to maximize DPS by using all the damage talents, ignoring the mobility talents entirely.


  • Stunning
  • Fire Consumes
  • Reach
  • Strikes Twice
  • All In


  • Fire Totem
  • Lightning Totem
  • Stun Totem
  • Lava Totem

Gear Enhancements


  • Bleed
  • Charged Strikes


  • Crit Damage
  • Projectile Damage


  • Empowered
  • Elite Hunter


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