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A Stranger, also known as Abominables.

The Stranger Day quests are seasonal quests in OrbusVR, and consists of the Festival of Strangers questline, the Strange Lights questline, and a Critter Capture mission.

Festival of Strangers

Festival of Strangers 1

A Dwarf Stranger in Lamavora.

The man in front of the gates of Highsteppe City tells you about the Festival of Strangers - back in the old days, the clans of Patreayl joined their forces to fight the beasts that attacked villages. The festival united clans with little in common under the shared goal of fighting these beasts, the Abominables, and today is a good way to forge new friendships. You join the hunt for these "Strangers", and secure the hillsides by slaying Dwarf Strangers near Highsteppe, and the Abominables lurking in the Lamavora Battlefields.

  • Kill 20 Abominables
  • Kill 35 Dwarf Strangers
  • Kill 10 Minions
  • Reward: Snowman Shoulders, 10 000 XP

Festival of Strangers 2

The white-haired man says that other adventurers have told him about enchanted snowmen being spotted in Highsteppe and Lamavora. They are minions of the Heart of the Strangers - a beast that uses magic to enchant the snow into minions that do his bidding. To know for sure how dangerous these snowmen are, you need to kill these minions and bring him the snowballs they turn into.

  • Collect 20 snowballs
  • Reward: Snowman Hands, Fireplace Furniture, 10 000 XP

Festival of Strangers 3/4

A yellow "snowball".

After delivering the snowballs, you ask about the Heart of the Strangers. The man tells you about a person in the Flooded Rainforest near Cut Throat Cave, the Keeper of the Strange Things, who can probably tell you more.

You find the man next to a snow pile near the Nomad's Hut teleport pillar. He is working on pinpointing the location of the Heart of the Strangers, but isn't keen on sharing his progress. He wants to send some people he upset during the year a few of the weird yellow snowballs as a "present", and asks you to knock out a few of them.

  • Kill 20 Yellow Snowballs
  • Reward: Snowman Chest, Mount, 10 000 XP

Festival of Strangers 5

The Heart of the Strangers.

You return the snowballs to the strange man with a few bite marks on your hands, and in exchange, he tells you that the Strangers were seen carrying crystals like those found in the Crystal Cave in Lamavora, and believes that the Heart of the Strangers is hiding there.

You gather a party and travel to the crystal mine in in Lamavora, and find the Heart of the Strangers in the cave, exactly like the man suspected. Even though the giant beast attacks with magic and a giant essence crystal, you and your party manage to defeat it in the end.

Returning to the man in front outside of the gates of the city, he tells you that the snowballs didn't tell them anything about the magic of the Heart of the Strangers - and now that it is destroyed, so they might never know. But maybe in the future, there will be another Heart of the Strangers.

  • Kill Heart of the Strangers
  • Reward: Snowman Head, 10 000 XP

Critter Capture

Pierre Cenn has found a new species roaming the realm, small snowmen. The woman near the Critter Capture shop thinks he's been drinking too much. Pierre gives you a mission to catch these critters, and will reward you with a pet if you find enough.

  • Catch Snowman Critters
  • Reward: Snowman Pet

Strange Lights

Strange Lights 1

After catching the little snowmen for Pierre in exchange for the snowman pet, you talk to the woman next to the critter capture shop. She tells you that floating lights came down from the hills - her grandma used to say that it was those lights that brought the Strangers closer to town. She gives you a list of how many she used to find, and you decide to look for them.

Strange Lights 2

Returning back to the woman, she gives you a list of lights in Lamavora and the Wastelands for you to find.

  • Find 4 lights in Lamavora
  • Find 4 lights in the Wastelands
  • Reward: 3000 Dram, 20 000 XP, Stranger Day Cape

Items and Rewards

Icon Name Type Source Year
Snowman-Shoulders.png Snowman Shoulders Transmog (Shoulders) Quest: Festival of Strangers 1 all
Snowman-Gloves.png Snowman Hands Transmog (Hands) Quest: Festival of Strangers 2
Snowman-Chest.png Snowman Chest Transmog (Chest) Quest: Festival of Strangers 4
Snowman-Hat.png Snowman Head Transmog (Head) Quest: Festival of Strangers 5
Snow Shoes Mount.png Snow Shoes Mount Mount Quest: Festival of Strangers 4 2020, 2022
Elf Shoe Mount.png Elf Shoe Mount Mount Quest: Festival of Strangers 4 2021
Snowman Pet 2019.png Snowman Pet Pet Critter Capture Mission 2019
Snowman Pet 2020.png Scarfed Snowman Pet Critter Capture Mission 2020
Snowman Pet 2021.png Gingerbread Snowman Pet Critter Capture Mission 2021
Snowman Pet 2022.png Holiday Spirit Snowman Pet Critter Capture Mission 2022
Winter 2019 Cape.png Stranger Day Cape 2019 Cape Quest: Strange Lights 2019
Winter 2020 Cape.png Stranger Day Cape 2020 Cape Quest: Strange Lights 2020
Winter 2021 Cape.png Stranger Day Cape 2021 Cape Quest: Strange Lights 2021
Winter 2022 Cape.png Stranger Day Cape 2022 Cape Quest: Strange Lights 2022
Fireplace Furniture.png Winter Fireplace Furniture Quest: Festival of Strangers 2 all
Tinkering Blueprint.png Snowman Furniture Blueprint Tinkering Blueprint Kill minions all


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