Teleport Pillars

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Teleport pillars serve as quick-travel points and are the easiest and fastest way to get around in the overworld. There are currently 16 teleport pillars, three in each of the five major zones, and one in Highsteppe City.

Using Teleport Pillars

This is how the menu looks on the Teleport Pillars.

You will discover the pillars by walking up to them. Once discovered, you will be able to jump between pillars by selecting them from the list. Using a teleport pillar consumes a Runemage Reagent from your inventory.

Six of the pillars - one in each zone - have markings that can be used by a runemage to create a portal there by using a teleport spell.

Teleport Pillar Locations

Highsteppe City


Flooded Rainforest


Hulthine's Basin


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