Teleportation Device

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Teleportation Device
Teleporter Basic.png
Type Tool
Weight 0
Tradable no

The Teleportation Device teleports you to the player house after holding it for 5 seconds, and has a 25 minute cooldown after each use.

The cooldown of the Teleporter can be reduced by 5 minutes by equipping a pet with the "Jumper" ability.

Variants[edit | hide | hide all]

Icon Name Source
Teleporter Basic.png Teleportation Device
Teleporter Magic Box.png Magic Box Teleporter
Teleporter Urn.png Urn Teleporter
Teleporter Globe.png Globe Teleporter
Teleporter Lamp.png Magic Lamp Teleporter
Gears of Time Teleporter.png Gears of Time Teleporter
Teleporter Sword.png Sword Teleporter
Teleporter Squirrel.png Squirrel Teleporter
  • Long Term Mission: Rare Critters
Astral Teleporter.png Astral Teleporter
Teleporter Purse.png Dram Purse Teleporter
Teleporter Turnip.png Turnip Teleporter
  • Fall Festival 2020
Teleporter Bat.png Bat Teleporter
  • Fall Festival 2021
Teleporter Rabid Bat.png Rabid Bat Teleporter
  • Fall Festival 2022

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