Teleportation Device

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Teleportation Device
Type Tool
Weight 0
Tradable no

The Teleportation Device teleports you to the player house after holding it for 5 seconds, and has a 25 minute cooldown after each use.

The cooldown of the Teleporter can be reduced by 5 minutes by equipping a pet with the "Jumper" ability.


Icon Name Source
Teleportation Device
Magic Box Teleporter
Urn Teleporter
Globe Teleporter
Magic Lamp Teleporter
Gears of Time Teleporter
Sword Teleporter
Squirrel Teleporter
  • Long Term Mission: Rare Critters
Astral Teleporter
Dram Purse Teleporter
Turnip Teleporter
  • Fall Festival 2020
Bat Teleporter
  • Fall Festival 2021
Rabid Bat Teleporter
  • Fall Festival 2022

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