The Drunken Gourd

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The Drunken Gourd
Highsteppe Tavern.jpg
Type Location
Accessible from Highsteppe City
Nearby Teleport none

The Drunken Gourd is a tavern in Highsteppe City, and is located near the player house, next to Pierre Cenn's research lab.

Edge of Nowhere

The Edge of Nowhere is a large, mostly empty area. It contains a copy of the Bjorn Stafrute world boss, and a group of low-health scarecrow dummies for rangers to practice their aim with. It can be accessed from the rightmost door on the top floor of the tavern.

Dummy Room

The dummy room is a small room in with three dummies, and can be used to test equipment together. While it only has the small scarecrow-type dummy and no boss-sized dummy, it can be used by players that are not in the same fellowship and therefore cannot use the dummy room in Fellowship Hall. It can be accessed from a door to the right of the bar.


→ Main Page: Coliseum

The Coliseum is a two-player wave-based dungeon, and can be accessed from the leftmost door on the top floor of the tavern.

It is currently in an early beta testing state, and does not give any rewards for beating all waves yet.

Long-Term Missions

The Realm Guardian.

The Realm Guardian, hanging around on the top floor, gives out missions each week. These missions take a long time to complete, but give unique rewards and a lot of Dram and experience points.

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