The Lair

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The Lair
The Lair.jpg
Type Dungeon
Accessible from Highsteppe
Nearby Teleport Rope Bridge

The Lair is a dungeon-like instanced area added by the Secrets of Mugwood DLC, with a single boss with unique mechanics. It is located in Sarrow's Cave, and the Micronizer is needed to enter it.

Comparision to other Dungeons

This area behaves like a dungeons in some ways:

  • If you die, your armor won't lose any durability.
  • You can't be in PvP mode while inside this dungeon. Entering the Lair will turn off Overworld PvP temporarily.
  • You can't use your Grinding Device.

But it differs from a normal dungeon in other ways:

  • It only has a single boss monster.
  • There is no sharded versions of this dungeon.
  • The area is less linear, and a lot more maze-like than the other dungeons.
  • All enemies, not only the bosses, can drop armor and weapons. The equipment will be either Rare (blue) or Epic (purple).
  • Proximity chat is used.
  • It is solo-able by design.
  • There is no exit portal - exit by using the Micronizer, a teleport spell, or the teleport device.


Trash Groups

  • Blister Beetle: Small, weak beetle enemies without special attacks that appear in large groups.
  • Venom Arachna: Medium-sized, red spider with the ability to poison and slow players.
  • Fang Spiderling: Small, dark purple and green spider with the ability to poison players.
  • Octofang: Large, orange spider that can summon groups of three Fang Spiderlings.

Knight Arachna

This mini boss is an elite version of the Venom Arachna with a ranged Bolt attack in addition to the normal melee attack. It is not able to poison or slow players.

It is not considered a boss monster, as it has a normal strength indicator instead of the boss icon.

Giant Dreadfang

The Giant Dreadfang


  • Players entering the boss area gain a special anti-heal debuff that turns all healing into damage.
  • The Giant Dreadfang has a purple shield that prevents any damage. The boss can be damaged by throwing the small glowing orb that spawns in the area at the boss.
    • After hit with four lights, the shield disappears, and the boss can be damaged normally.


  • Exploding Spiders: Spawns a special type of Fang Spiderlings that chase a player and explode a three seconds after touching you.
    • Three hits are required to kill these spiders, regardless of damage.
    • The spiders do not drop any lootbags.
  • Impale: After hit with the green light, the Giant Dreadfang digs into the ground. Giant, sharp spider legs try to hit you from the ceiling.
  • Leap: The boss leaps in your general direction, and deals damage on contact.
  • Melee Attack: Only used after the shield disappeares.

Bugs and Technical Notes

  • If you kill a teammate by healing them, you will get Honor Points.


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