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Thrive is an end-game guild with a heavy focus on community building and personal development.

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Why The Name Thrive?

We are named after our goal for each and every one of our members.

We want you to Thrive in every aspect of your life.

Our Mission

We have kept true to our original goals while growing as a family.

Fun shenanigans, meta building, and R&D are the order of the day. :)

Because of this; our help videos, wiki, and discord(s) are filled with the best intel possible to help our members succeed everywhere.

Our Games




A Township Tale

League of Legends

Our History

The year was 2019; the month, June. We were all excited about solving a questline in Orbus to get the new horse-mount.

The puzzle, however, was just a little too puzzling.

No two players' experience of what they had done to complete the quest lined up.

We needed answers!

During much research, our community was born from the idea to create a guiding light and a set of riddles to help players find their way (without giving away the answers outright), our guild Thrive grew from there.

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