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Thrive Rules

  1. Be nice to each other.
  2. This is your guild, the people here are your partners.
    1. Have each other's backs.
    2. Treat your partners how they would like to be treated (people's needs are unique, take the time to find out what fits the individual).
  3. "It wasn't in the rules" is against the spirit of our community.
    1. Use your common sense.
    2. Impersonating a bot, officer, spamming, harassing, verbally abusing, or trolling is a kickable offence.
  4. Soliciting members for money and/or any attempts on scamming or any other method to steal someone's account or money will result in an instant kick.
  5. Seeking/soliciting any form of porn involving minors or equivalent thereof will be grounds for an immediate and non-negotiable kick.
  6. Sarcasm translator: /s at the end of a sentence means someone is being sarcastic (even in voice chat). ;)
  7. When recording, let people know what you are planning to record and when. Consent must be gained from all parties involved before any recording is allowed.
  8. Gossip and drama have no place in Thrive. If you want to spread rumours, do it somewhere else.

Loot Rules

All loot is assigned by using our loot system.

  • Our members are never to pay other members for armor/weapons.
  • If a member gets a Legendary World Drop or Legendary Shard Drop (e.g. Wings, Halo, Cat Ears, Horns, Crated Pets) they are welcome to sell that to whoever they like.
    • If you like, it is nice to allow your fellow Thrive members a chance to buy one of the coveted Legendary World/Shard Drops for your desired price (if you do get one, and want to sell it). :)

Thriving in PVE

  1. Be friendly and helpful when grouped up with people to run content.
    1. If players are being toxic in a dungeon or raid, you are allowed to leave.
  2. No glitching for progression.
    1. If the party you are in insists on using a glitch method, you have the option of dropping party and leaving.
    2. Examples of glitching for progression:
      1. Skywalking for Lich King.
      2. Skywalking for Boss 2 of HM Cit.

Thriving in PVP

If at all possible, enable recording before going hunting. This will make for fun videos to share with your partners, and help you later if game-play disputes come up.

General PVP

  1. First and foremost have fun!
    1. Make sure that the people you are PVP'ing with are also having fun.
    2. Yes, you can fight & kill guild members, just keep it friendly.
  2. We are Silent Killers.
    1. When hunting/killing other players:
      1. Turn off your mic in-game.
      2. If a player is toxic and/or verbally harasses you, report them. Say nothing to them by voice or text.
      3. If we are hosting a public PVP event with the community, talking is usually fine.
  3. No glitching.
  4. Stay out of the walls.


  1. If we are attending/hosting an overworld event:
    1. Leave the other players bags alone.
    2. Only kill players who are attempting to kill us.
      1. When in doubt, its usually best to assume Thrive members and allies are NOT trying to kill us.
    3. Protect our allies and guests as well as members.
  2. Protect each others loot.
    1. If you see another player going for one of our loot bags, pick it up and make sure it gets back to the person who dropped it.
  3. Stay out of dead-players spawn points.
  4. Remember that there is a living breathing person (with feelings that matter) on both halves of every fight.
    1. People tend to get pissed when how easy it was to kill them is publicly bragged about.
  5. Keep your bag empty, or accept that you can lose everything in it at any moment.


When going for the Goblin, please declare if you are partnering or competing for the prize with each other.


  1. Stay out of the other teams spawn point.
  2. Hard relog immediately if you are told you have:
    1. An immortality bug.
    2. An invisibility bug.


While you can kill green-leaves if that is what floats your boat, we highly recommend against it.

  1. They are way too easy to kill.
  2. They have no good loot worth keeping.
    1. Players have been banned for taking Legendary World Drops from green-leaves in PVP, just let the dream go.
  3. It will make you unpopular with the community as a whole.

Allied PVP Players

  1. Treat our allies as if they are members of Thrive.

Events Policy

We have a no-interference policy: For any PVP events that are run outside of Thrive, we will lift no hand to help or interfere in any way.

  1. Unless our assistance is directly requested, we will trust that the Event Planners can handle their own affairs.
  2. We can offer our help if we think it is appropriate to do so.
  3. We will only act to help if an agreement from the Event Planners is given.
  4. We will record consent & any help given to prevent any misunderstandings.

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