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Thrive Rules

  1. Be nice to each other.
  2. This is your guild, the people here are your partners.
    1. Have each other's backs.
    2. Treat your partners how they would like to be treated (people's needs are unique, take the time to find out what fits the individual).
  3. "It wasn't in the rules" is against the spirit of our community.
    1. Use your common sense.
    2. Impersonating a bot, officer, spamming, harassing, or trolling members is a kickable offence.
  4. Soliciting members for money and/or any attempts on scamming or any other method to steal someone's account or money will result in an instant kick.
  5. Seeking/soliciting any form of porn involving minors or equivalent thereof will be grounds for an immediate and non-negotiable kick.
  6. Sarcasm translator: /s at the end of a sentence means someone is being sarcastic (even in voice chat). ;)
  7. When recording, let people know what you are planning to record and when. Consent must be gained from all parties involved before any recording is allowed.
  8. Gossip and drama have no place in Thrive. If you want to spread rumours, do it somewhere else.