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Overall Trade Rules

If traded a piece of gear, you trade back an item of equal (breakdown) value.

  • Blue Gear = Blue Shard
  • Purple Gear = Purple Shard
  • Orange Legendary Gear = Effervescent Orange Shard

Ask Before Breaking Anything Down

Ask if anyone wants it before breaking anything tradeable down.

  • Odds are good, one of your teammates might need the piece/stat upgrade, or want the pet/mount/transmog.

Need Before Greed

Loot is distributed using a need policy. If your main class needs it in order to help our team successfully clear content, then you get the upgrade.

Loot Attendance/Generosity Position

If you help out our team by providing gear for teammates who need it, and make sure to attend regularly, it puts you further up in our loot tables here:

Hard Mode Raids

Spin The Wheel

If two members have the same rank on the loot table and an item they both want drops, we spin the wheel to see who gets it. :)

The Wheel

Alt Rules

  • The purpose for bringing alts to raids/shards is so the alts can gear up the mains, to help the whole team succeed. :)
  • Your alt should meet the requirements for the raids/shards that also count for the mains.
  • If you are needed as a class or role you cannot (yet) sufficiently fulfill on your alt, you have to be willing to swap over to your main.
  • If your alt gets a tradeable gear drop that is needed by a main on a class the main plays in the raids, you are expected to part with it.
    • Any loot you give away will be recorded as if it was given by your main, in our loot redistribution sheet.
    • Which puts you ahead on the rotation for gear you actually need. Yay!
  • If there is tradeable gear that any other player has to give away, alts will be at the very bottom of the priority list for receiving it.
    • Once all the mains have been geared out, then gear will be assigned to alts based on the above systems.
    • Any gear you receive on an alt will be recorded as if you had received it on your main.

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