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Tools are items equipped in the tool inventory slot, and have a variety of different uses.

Cosmetic variants are available for some tools.


The basic teleporter.

→ Main Page: Teleportation Device

The teleporter tool teleports you to the Player House after holding it for 5 seconds, and has a 25 minute cooldown after each use.

Every player starts with the same teleporter, and a lot of different cosmetic versions are available for sale at Odds and Ends, or as quest rewards, among others.


A basic Harvester.

→ Main Page: Harvester

The harvesting tool is used to harvest herbs and ore in the overworld.

Every player starts with a basic harvester (that can also be bought from Whisper), and a few cosmetic versions are available for sale from Whisper and as quest rewards.

Fishing Rod

→ Main Page: Fishing Pole

A fishing rod is used to catch fish. A lure has to be crafted at the lure crafting station in the Player House, and has to be equipped in the other tool slot.

The basic fishing rod can be bought from Chef Lethrow, but can also be acquired for free from a short quest, and cosmetic variants are available for sale or as quest rewards.

Net Gun

A basic Net Gun.

→ Main Page: Net Gun

The net gun is used to catch critters in the overworld. To scare them out, blow in the horn connected to it near the various droppings, eggs or other suspicious markings on the ground, and use the trigger to shoot a net at them.

Grinding Device

→ Main Page: Grinding Device

The Grinding Device (G.R.I.N.D.I.N.G Device or Grinder Pot) helps with farming for items and experience points, and rewards you with exclusive rare items.

To use it, throw it on the floor. The Grinding Device will start to collect the essence of nearby enemies you kill, indicated by the pink light orb floating into the device. After enough enemies are killed, the device levels up and a chest appears, containing items from the loot table of the monsters you killed and sometimes special rare items exclusive to the Grinder chest, and you gain a lot of experience points.

The Grinding Device can level up five times, its level is indicated by yellow and pink stripes on its side, and each level requires you to kill stronger enemies for the pink light orbs to appear. When the last level is completed, the Grinding Device resets to level 1.

The Grinding Device can only be used in Overworld zones.

Selfie Bot

The basic Selfie Bot.

→ Main Page: Selfie Bot

The Selfie Bot lets you take a picture of yourself and your surroundings. You can throw it in the air, and it will take a photo after a short delay.

The pictures are saved in:

  • PC: %AppData%\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\screenshots
  • Oculus Quest: Quest\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.orbusvr.OrbusVR\files\screenshots

Raven's View Camera

The Raven's View Camera.

On PC, the Raven's View Camera changes the view of the OrbusVR window to a third person view with the player always in the center. To use it, throw it in the air.

The Raven's View Camera is crafted by tinkering.

Guiding Light Lamp

The Lamp.

Provides a light source to illuminate dark areas.


The Tagger.

Can be used to mark enemies with a red X or a green O. To switch between marking types or set it to erase mode, pull the red plunger on the back side. Only usable in dungeons and raids, and only by the party leader.

The tagger can be bought at Odds and Ends for 10 Dram.


Used at certain points in Highsteppe and Highsteppe City to enter the DLC areas (Secrets of Mugwood DLC) by holding for 5 seconds.

Other Items

Other items that can be equipped in the tool slot are:

  • Potions: Consumables with a variety of effects. Move them up to your mouth to drink.
  • Pet Treats: Feed you pet by throwing a pet treat at them. Also available in a variety of flavors that are used for dragon breeding, changing your pet's bonus trait, or starting dragon races.
  • J for Jester
  • Treasure Maps: Work as keys for their respective treasure chest.

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