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Who We Are

June 2019:

A quest and a riddle were born.

Hidden from the eye, under locks so secure that only the most experienced had hopes of solving (even accidentally).

Travellers Hall was born of the idea to create a guiding light. A set of riddles to help players find their way to that most secret knowledge. We conferred far and wide with those who had come before (both Players and Devs).

Then made the questions fit the answer.

This was our very first humble effort to help our communities: The Journey by Traveller Pherosis

Hope you enjoy! ~ Pherosis (talk)

Travellers Hall Mission Statment

TH was founded on two principles:

Fun Shenanigans and to be a helpful resource for our communities.

If you are ever wondering if what you are doing is in line with our mission. You only need to ask yourself two questions:

Is it fun? And will what I am doing enrich our community?

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