Treasure Map

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Treasure Map
Treasure Map.png
Type Other
Weight 0.1
Tradable no

The Overworld Treasure Map is an item in OrbusVR. It can be used to find hidden treasures containing rare items.


A Crated Overworld Treasure Map can be obtained once per day by killing any enemy anywhere in the overworld, dungeons, or from raid bosses, which can be opened to get a soulbound Treasure Map.

In the same way, a Crated Overworld Treasure Map (MSP) can be acquired once per day by killing any enemy anywhere in any area of the Secrets of Mugwood DLC.

The crate is tradable, and has an expiration timer of 4 days (?). After opening, the Treasure Map inherits the expiration timer of the Crated Treasure Map it comes from.


When equipped as a tool, the map shows a bird-eye view of the area you are looking for and the name of the zone it is in.

Once you find the treasure chest, the map can be used as a key to open it (hold it near the chest), spawning a loot bag that can contain special items.

  • The treasure chest is only visible if the corresponding map is equipped as a tool.
  • If the map's expiration timer has ran out, no treasure chest will spawn at the location, rendering the map useless.

Dram Dupe

A Dram Dupe in Lamavora.

Sometimes opening the treasure chest can spawn a Dram Dupe.

This monster drops a loot bag for everyone that participated in fighting it, containing Dram, Major Shards, Runemage Reagents and Rotten Fingers. An additional lootbag spawns for the player that opened the chest, containing normal treasure chest loot.


Main Overworld

  • Hang Glider Mount
  • Mimic Shoulder Transmog
  • Mimic Chest Transmog (?)
  • Bracers (Level 2)
  • Balloon Pet
  • Major Shard
  • Rotten Finger
  • Runemage Reagents
  • Dram
  • ...

Secrets of Mugwood DLC

  • Dreadfang Major Dye
  • Spiderling Accent Dye
  • Mimic Head Transmog
  • Mimic Pet
  • Bracers (Level 2) (?)
  • Major Shard
  • Runemage Reagents
  • Dram
  • ...


Main Overworld

Secrets of Mugwood DLC

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