Trickster Goblin

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The Trickster Goblin.

The Trickster Goblin Hunt is an overworld PvP event in OrbusVR. Players have to find the goblin, kill it and bring its tokens back to the city without dying, where they can be exchanged for exclusive items.

The Trickster Goblin

Every 4 hours, a Trickster Goblin spawns in Wastelands, Lamavora, Hulthine's Basin, or the Rainforest.

  • Players get a notification 5 minutes before the Goblin spawns, stating where it will be.
  • The Goblin can only be killed by players who have Overworld PvP turned on. On its death, drops 1-2 Trickster Goblin Tokens (in a chest).
    • While PvE players can attack the goblin, their attacks do 0 damage (but the Goblin can still attack and damage them).
  • If no player has killed the goblin within 1 hour of it spawning in, it despawns (and a message is broadcasted to all players currently in the zone it spawned in).

Restrictions while carrying tokens

Players with Trickster Tokens in their inventory not only have a giant target on their back, but also have to deal with additional restrictions (even while inside PvP safezones, including the City, unless noted otherwise):

  • They can be killed in safe zones (except Highsteppe City).
  • They can't use teleport pillars, runemage teleports, or their home teleporter.
  • They can't use invisibility potions.
  • They cannot trade, even if Overworld PvP is disabled.
  • The PvP logout timer gets increased to 10 minutes (instead of the usual 30 seconds).

Trickster Goblin Items

The Trickster Tokens can be exchanged for items at the Goblin Shop near Fellowship Court in Highsteppe City:

  • Bird Hat Transmog
  • Shoulder Demon Transmog
  • Coal Accent Dye
  • Island Blue Accent Dye
  • Carpet mount
  • Selfie Bot
  • Dominion Cape


  • Going to the Forsaken Isle with a token counts as a zone change, however, getting off the island counts as a teleport. This means, a person on the isle with Trickster Tokens in their inventory has to give up the tokens to leave the zone.
  • Trickster tokens can be sold in Market Stalls, but cannot be traded or sold on the auction house. To give a token to another player, you can also get yourself killed while in PvP.
  • The Trickster Goblin replaces an enemy, and inherits its loot table. That enemy can also be a Dram Dupe, which means it can spawn at the treasure chest location in Hulthine's Basin that is only reachable by Paladins.

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