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Missing Person Walkthrough

This section contains hidden quest spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Missing Persons questline is a both a fun and confusing questline to follow. It's suggested to try and figure it out with the clues above, however if you find yourself stuck then this walkthrough will guide you right through it!

Acquiring the Quest

To find the book that grants the quest, you must first head to your Player House and go up to the third floor. Exit the elevator into the player library, then look to the bookshelf on the right-hand side of the elevator. The book closest to the elevator will start the Missing Persons quest in your Journal after opening it for the first time. The book is described as an "ancient manuscript with faded pages" and the only details you can make out is the name on the cover: Khabor Jan.

The First Line of ????

After obtaining the quest you must talk to a city local about Khabor Jan. This local can be found on the right-hand side of Fisherman Mugon. You will ask her about the mysterious name you found, only for her to explain to you that the last time she overheard such a name was when she was still but a child. She explains that he was an old man being hunted by the Order guards, and as the local was only a child at this time she presumes he's long since passed away. After speaking to the local, make your way out of the city and head towards Farmer Jonce's farm. Right before you arrive at the farm, there's a bundle of bushes to your left slightly tucked into a corner. Underneath these bushes is a strange scroll. Pick up this scroll and the first line will be done!

The Second Line of ????

(NOTE: You must finish the Critter Capture lore quests in order to do this step. If you haven't completed those, Bell Cenn won't give the right dialogue.)

Speak to Bell Cenn in the Highsteppe Library. After speaking with Bell Cenn, the second line should be complete.

The Third Line of ????

Speak to the Hermit at the Hermit's Camp in Flooded Rainforest. After speaking with the Hermit, the third line should be done.

The Fourth Line of ????

(NOTE: You must pick up the fourth of Ethan's Diaries if you haven't before. This specific book makes him visible in Sarrow's Cave, which is required to speak to him.)

Speak to Ethan in the back of Sarrow's Cave near The Lair. After speaking with Ethan, the fourth line should be done.

The Fifth Line of ????

Return to the Highsteppe Library and find the green book located in the back left corner to teleport into the secret library room. It appears like any another non-conspicuous book but acquires a yellow outline when you place your hand on it. Grab and pull to be whisked away into a hidden office-like space. Against the dirt wall is a bookshelf with an openable book hiding behind a stack of non-openable books. This openable book completes the fifth line.

The Sixth Line of ????

Teleport to the Knight's Fort pillar, and from there head down the hill to your right. Near the bottom of the hill turn left and run straight through the area containing Tear Minions and Tear Brutes until you pass through a tree to your left and fort ruins to your right. You will hit a cluster of boulders, but slightly off to your left is another set of fort ruins with the waterfall in the backdrop. Walk through the gap between the fort and rocky wall, then straight ahead you will find a dark gray sword crossed with a light gray sword. Pick up the dark gray sword, and the sixth line is done.

The Last Line of ????

Teleport to the Demon's Cave pillar, and from there head towards the Obnobi Camp. Directly next to the Obnobi Camp is a small cave with a door at the end that takes you to the Guild City Raid (Normal). Go through the door into the raid, then turn around and start walking down the path leading to Highsteppe City. To your left you will see two ruined buildings. The second building contains a little red wand hiding in the grass. It's a bit difficult to get into a good spot to grab, however lowering yourself to the ground either physically or by changing your Guardian will make it significantly easier. Once picked up, the last line is done and you must now find the Old Man, who has now spawned in the underground of Highsteppe City.

Completing The Quest

The Old Man will be hiding at the dead-end tunnel across from the Dragon Shop. Just turn left after walking down the stairway nearest to the Player House and you should be able to spot him. Congratulations! Speak to him and you'll receive your very own Horse Mount.