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VR Headsets

There Are Multiple Brands Of Virtual Reality Headsets, With Some Being Entirely Wireless, Just Like The Oculus Quest.

Both The VR Headset, And The Type Of Computer Or Equipment You Have To Run It Both Play A Big Role In Which Headset To Use.

As An Oculus-Based Player Who Has Tried Most Of The Similar Brands Of Headsets, I Can Assure You That It Is Mostly Based On Personal Preference. Some People Like The Oculus More Than Others. In This Article, I Will List Hardware Requirements, Which Headset Is The Best For You, And The Preferable PC Specs As well As Over-The-Top Specs To Run A VR Headset.

Wireless Headsets




Wired Headsets




Vive Pro


First Off, If You Plan On Using A wired Headset, Start Here At The Spec Page Although For Both Headsets It Recommends A GTX 1060, You Would Not Be Able To Play At The Greatest Quality. As Someone Who Has Played VR On Almost Every Compatible Price Range, I Recommend At Least A 1660, Or 1660 TI. This Increases The Graphics Capability, And Makes It Even More Immersive. I Can Tell You, Playing An Oculus Rift S That When You Play On, Say, Dual 2080 TIs In SLI, You Are Definitely WAY More Immersed Than If You Were To Play On A Single 1080 TI. (The Last Gen Nvidia Card).

Here Are Some Of The VR Headsets Which Are Still Relevant To The Date


Oculus Rift. This Headset Is Commonly Referred To As The Rift CV1, And Is The Original Oculus. It Has Outside-In Tracking, Meaning That It Has External Sensors That You Place Around The Room. I Used This For 3 Years Before I Got My Rift S, And Have To Say That It Is A Very Solid Option. Two More Things That I Like About This Headset, 1 Is That It Is Very Light, And 2 Is That It Has Built-In Headphones. This headset runs at a constant 90 Hz

Oculus Rift S. This Headset Has Inside-Out Tracking, Meaning That It Has Sensors On The Headset. 5 In Total. There Can Be Some Issues With Reaching Behind The Back Every Once In A While, But Generally, The Headset Is Pretty Good About Tracking The Controllers' Whereabouts. This Headset Has More Pixels Per Eye, So Honestly, It Would Look Worse(By A Tiny Amount) Than The Rift CV1, If You Were To Use The Same Graphics Card. This headset caps at 80 Hz

Oculus Quest. Ah, yes... Oculus's most renowned headset... by far. The Oculus Quest, as mentioned earlier, is a 100% standalone VR headset reaching a peak at 72 Hz. It is excellent for what it is, however, if you have a PC to run an Oculus Rift/Rift S, go for either of those, rather than the Quest. The Quest is great if you are always traveling, or not with your PC.