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Scott as a Warrior.

Relevant Runes

  • ᛃ: Provoke combo
  • ᛏ: any heal received (including the heal from Provoke with the Righteousness talent)
  • ᚾ: 3 hits a second
  • ᛈ: 4 hits a second
  • ᛢ: 5+ hits a second (more will also trigger it)
  • Ƶ: 1-2 seconds delay between hits
  • ᚦ: 5+ seconds delay between hits ("start of combat")

Tank Warrior

Provoke Heal

Provoke Heal set

Tileset by Pherosis & Scott

This is a fantastic zero interference tileset, based around the Provoke combo.

  • The Righteousness talent is needed for this tileset to work.
  • All you need to do is provoke with at least 3 hits per second.
  • Every second one tileset procs, keeping up all 3 tileset buffs constantly with zero interference.

Runes needed

ᛃ: 5 ᛏ: 5 ᛈ: 1 ᛢ: 1 ᚾ: 1 Ƶ: 1 ᚦ: 1


  • ᛢᛃᛏ (for when you are provoking very quickly & have lots of energy)
  • ᛈᛃᛏ (for when you are provoking quickly & have a decent amount of energy)
  • ᚾᛃᛏ (for when you are provoking & are starting to get tired)
  • Ƶᛃᛏ (for when you need to liiiive and your arm is tired)
  • ᚦᛃᛏ (for start combat & tank swapping)

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