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There are currently four World Bosses in OrbusVR, which are special enemies that can be found in the overworld. They can be killed with a small party of max-level players to complete missions, or can be fought enraged with a larger group for rare loot like rings, capes and pets.

All world bosses are passive until attacked.

World Bosses[edit | hide | hide all]

Bjorn Stafrute (Tresus)[edit | hide]

→ Main Page: Bjorn Stafrute

The giant overgrown tree called Bjorn Stafrute (nicknamed Tresus by the community) is roaming around between Green Lady's Temple and Jonce's Farm in Highsteppe.

Chaos Giant (Grimus)[edit | hide]

Chaos Giant (Grimus)

→ Main Page: Chaos Giant

The Chaos Giant (nicknamed Grimus) can be found between the broken swords and shields in Lamavora near Knight's Fort.

Scav Giant (Wolfie)[edit | hide]

Scav Giant (Wolfie)

→ Main Page: Scav Giant

This giant Scav, mutated even further by the Essence than a typical Scav, has been spotted in Hulthine's Basin near the Flying High Teleport Pillar. He is very protective of the nearby wildlife, which has earned him the nickname Wolfie.

Rock Giant (Avalanche)[edit | hide]

Rock Giant (Avalanche)

→ Main Page: Rock Giant

On the northernmost island in Hulthine's Basin, the Rock Giant lies sleeping until a party of brave adventurers wake him up to challenge him.

Enraging World Bosses[edit | hide]

Enraged world bosses are much stronger and have additional abilities. Defeating them typically requires around 20 players. Each boss has a unique way to enrage it, which is detailed on the individual world boss pages.

When defeating the bosses enraged, they can drop special items:

  • A cape (guaranteed)
  • A rare ring
  • Pet: A miniature version of the world boss

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