Scav Giant

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The Scav Giant ("Wolfie").

The Scav Giant (also called Wolfie by the community) is a World Boss in OrbusVR, and can be found on the south-east island in Hulthine's Basin.

The closest teleport pillar is Flying High, which can also be reached by a runemage's teleport spell.


Gundrakk collecting wolves.

Get Wolfie to kill six Midnight Wargs with his Smash attack in a short period of time.

  • Make sure the boss (and the boss alone) kills the wolves in one large group.
  • You can use a Tank to hold the wolves, or a Musketeer can hold them by overhealing.
  • Get another player to move the wolves to the tank/musky, as the already collected wolves might leash if they move too far.

Boss Fight

  • Smash: A powerful AoE attack you should dodge.
  • Shotgun: The boss turns towards a random person and shoots out four projectiles. Because of how they are spread out, they will most likely not hit the person he is targeting, but watch out if there are multiple people nearby.
  • Anti-Heal (enraged only): Scav Giant inflicts anti-heal debuffs with his normal attacks, decreasing healing from all sources by 10% for each stack.
  • Leap (enraged only): The boss will jump on a random person (except the main aggro holder), dealing lots of damage to them and everyone near them. Damage is shared between all players hit by the attack.
  • Minions: The boss will spawn Scav-type enemies.


  • Ring: Scavenged Ring (+35 Critical, +10 Vitality)
  • Cape: Independent Thought
  • Pet: Windup Scav Giant
  • Blueprint: Elongata Picture
  • Overworld Items: Like all overworld mobs, Wolfie has a chance of dropping normal loot and/or a very rare chance of dropping an overworld legendary item.


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