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Zenith VR MMO Baner.png

Description[edit | hide | hide all]

Zenith is a VR MMO inspired by our favorite animes and JRPGs, where millions of people can play, socialize, and create their own unique experience together.

Fight, craft, explore, and live in the first cross-platform VR MMO. Forge alliances and friendships in guilds and parties. Participate in epic raids and world events, or go blaze your own path. Become forever immortalized in a world that will become as important as the real one.

If you don't have VR yet, you'll be able to play Zenith on your desktop, too! ~ Zenith

Status[edit | hide]

This game is in its pre-alpha phase.

Travellers Hall - Wiki Work In Progress[edit | hide]

We are in the process of creating pages and posting the information we have collected.

As you know, we have a lot of intel for you!

So... this is going to take a while. XD ~ Pherosis (talk)