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Mage Healer

"Talk to me ... like healers do ... walk with me ... like healers dooooo." ~ Pherosis

Godstone Abilities

You can only have one Godstone of each Spell Activation Type active at any one time.

Symbol Godstone Type Spell Activation Ability Affect Base Cost Base Cooldown Symbol
Divine Shift Regen Mana/Rage Movement Button Teleport and rejuvenate self and all allies within a 6 meter range of landing point. At the end of your teleport, generate a rejuvenating blast that gives 5% mana/rage regen per second for 3 seconds.
Boulderdrop Damage & Stagger Hold Grip While Gesturing Down Drop a boulder in a 3 meter circle after a 1.5 second delay. Deals 200% AP damage and 100% AP extra stagger. 100 mana 5 seconds
Massive Icicle Damage & Attack Lower Hold Grip While Gesturing Down Drop a massive block of ice on your foes in a 5 meter radius, after a 2 second delay. Enemies (in the drop-zone) take 150% AP damage, and have their attack lowered by 25% for 6 seconds. 65 mana
Aether Tunnel Speed & Slow Hold Grip While Gesturing Across Your Body Create a 5 by 5 meter current that lasts for 6 seconds. Any enemy that enter this current have their movespeed slowed by 50% for 3 seconds, and any allies affected are sped up by 25% for 6 seconds. 100 mana
Galeforce Damage & Knockback Hold Grip While Gesturing Across Your Body Blast enemies in a 6 meter cone in front of you. This damages enemies in the cone for 125% AP damage, and knocks them back 6 meters. 50 mana
Chilling Loop Damage & Slow Hold Grip While Gesturing Up Creates a 6 meter frozen ring around yourself. This damages enemies in the ring for 75% AP damage, and slows their movement speed by 75% for 4 seconds. 25 mana
Erupting Spring Heal & Damage Hold Grip While Gesturing Up A spring erupts, healing all allies and damages enemies inside a 7 meter radius. This immediately heals allies for 160% AP, and damages enemies for 60% AP damage every second for 6 seconds. 130 mana
Hydrosplat Heal & Damage Press The Right Trigger Button Create a globe of powerful aquatic energy that can be thrown and explodes covering a 6 meter radius on impact. This heals all allies hit for 140% AP, and damages all enemies hit for 140% AP damage.
Glacial Orb Damage & Slow Press The Right Trigger Button Create an orb of frozen aether that can be thrown and explodes on impact. This damages all enemies inside a 4 meter radius of impact for 180% AP damage.
  • If held in hand for 2 seconds before being thrown:
    • It can also cause targets hit by the blast to become slowed by 75% for 3 seconds.
Timeslow Damage, Slow & Freeze Hold Both Grip Buttons And Move Hands Towards Center Of Body, Release Grips
  • It says to hold both grips and move your hands away from your body, players have had varying degrees of success with this though.
Freeze the air in a 10 meter radius around you for 10 seconds. All enemies affected by the freeze will move & attack 75% slower and take 60% AP damage every second. 3 minutes
Aether Spark Heal & Damage Weapon Trigger Fire piercing Aether that damages enemies and heals allies when hit. Total heal/damage = [weapon damage] + 40% AP per hit.
  • This can be charged up over 1.5 seconds to increase the power of the shot by up to 2.4 times.

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